Displaced girls’ education gets boost

UNICEF Nigeria

A school renovation by UNICEF, with support from philanthropist Nazanin Alakija, is turning around learning in north-east Nigeria

Bintu Abba Kura, school principal at the Yerwa Government Girls Secondary School in Maiduguri, north-east Nigeria, was all smiles on Monday. As she made her daily rounds through the school premises, the blocks of newly painted classrooms, accommodation and toilets reflected her happy mood. She moved from one classroom to another, admiring the gleaming renovation work.

“We have never had it this good in this school,’’ said Principal Kura. “This is one of the oldest schools in Borno State, but we were living in fear. Students were not happy because our classrooms were dilapidated. Windows broken. We were always praying that nothing would happen at night, because we never had electricity in our accommodation. But now we have electricity and a conducive learning environment. We are grateful to UNICEF and everyone who made this possible,’’ she said.

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